Saturday, September 8, 2018

Anyone wanna play any games on this field?

Maybe some soccer or volleyball? Because Valeon's jaw has enough room for all of it! I wouldn't doubt that there's even room for a racetrack! You know how big those racecars are! Especially the trucks...
So who's game? Let's hear all about it!

Silliness aside. I have a friend on deviantart who is selling character outfits. She's running her commissions now and I have got to say that she is brilliant with her designs. Here's the links to her pages:
Contact and examples of her work:


I certainly would recommend her for your character's outfits, both for brand new designs or updates to an old one. Both Leana and Valeon in the picture that I've posted here are sporting designs that I bought from her. She is very quick to come up with ideas and she'll talk with you during the whole process!
Definitely check her out! ^^

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