Friday, September 14, 2018

Commission form and Leana & Valeon update

I've recently put a form to order a drawing on the bottom of the Commissions page, if you find yourself interested in asking for one. And, far as I can tell with several helpful tests from a couple of friends, it works perfectly.
...because yeaah, it's hard to ask for something if I don't have a way open for it. >>;

Have also gotten a little further with the Leana & Valeon piece, she finally has some fitting wrinkles at the bottom of her dress! She's needed that for ages, so I'm very happy for finding how they needed to behave.

The end to this piece is very near. I can't wait to get this finished up so it could be a proper advertisement on form that I talked about in the opening paragraph.
Expect a few assignments soon and see everyone later!

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