Friday, September 21, 2018

Timed lessons

Lesson 1: Pill Bottle
It was intended to be a 45 minute limit but I forgot to set my timer, so ended up using about an hour on it. I'm not too proud that it's not even complete but this first failure helped me realize that timed lessons will help me make faster, looser sketches and actually complete one later.
That said, I'm not too upset with how this looks. It really does look like the part of a pill bottle that holds the medicine, except that scratchy part around the top line! 

The next two pieces to this lesson will be a microwave and a lamp, keep an eye out!

Lesson 2: Microwave
Remembered the timer this time! This is what I got in 45 minutes. Only now do I realize that I forgot to have the front going to the same perspective as the bottom of the microwave...not too unhappy with it though. 
And it's much better this time because I got to finalize some lines, unlike with my pill bottle above. XD

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