Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Been silent a few weeks

My apology to anyone who's been watching this blog the past couple weeks. I don't often leave things silent for as long as I have. One of my aunts died at the end of September and I've needed some time to feel like doing much of anything artwise.
But, because she was also an artist, she would be quite happy to convince a bird to poop on my head if I keep avoiding drawing or painting.

To kick my butt back in gear, I've been playing with Leana and Valeon again. Plenty to do still, especially making their jaws not so wide and messing with Valeon's ear, but playing with that mountain in back and the shine of Leana's lace has done some good.
Clothing: CherrysDesigns
Poses: Syccas-Stock
I plan to draw up a tribute to her when I feel like I have a grasp on it again. So if I've not lost all of you, please keep an eye out! Thank you!

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