Monday, September 11, 2023

Feature 225--InHKnl



I really enjoy the glow at the bottom climbing up the character, as if he's being lit in the perfect way to get detail on the fabric he's wearing. And the way it goes from red to black up to a dull gray light at the top is really fun, too. I have a question about his fingers...are the things covering them a protection or more like a set of claws to use if someone got far too close?
Isn't the red inside the coat's neck glowing quite perfectly with the characters ice blue eyes? I really enjoy this piece! Excellent work!

Makima Train

The first thing I was drawn to on this image is the eyes and how the background looks as the train's just gliding along. Her eyes are gorgeous, in my opinion, and the color helps me be able to see her nose and down to her mouth; which are also quite well done. It also doesn't escape me how well the sunlight is on her hair. The color and shadows on it looks like I could just run my fingers through! (Provided she'd let me, course. She looks tired.)
Poor lady looks like she's about to fall asleep, if she could lean on that window. Either going to work or finally getting away from it, maybe? Whichever way, this piece is very well done and is just begging for a story to be told.

Whisky at the bar

Drawing this image from the hip is super well done and fits the design perfectly! I hope that it's safe enough in the area to allow someone like the woman in focus to actually enjoy her drink. (Or maybe it is safe because she's more busy enjoying her drink instead of having to deal with or create trouble?)
It would be wrong to not mention the detail on the barstools. And I wonder what else this bar sells? Just look at the boxes behind her on the shelves! 
Really enjoy this piece, lovely work!

These pieces are some excellent work and I enjoyed seeing them! If you want to see more of their artwork, InHKnl's gallery is here!

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