Monday, July 3, 2023

Feature 216--NNEMUINEKO


Little Rabbit with the Star

All three of these are adorable but just *look* at these rabbit ears this character has! And that the star she has on her finger is what's giving us the light makes it just so perfect.
I find myself really focusing on her hair because it's so free flowing. I also really enjoy how well the artist made the colors set perfectly in the hair as well. A very good work!

Beauty and Butterfly

Look at how many butterflies are hinted toward in this piece, this character has to be sitting in the exact right location for these to be all around like this. In this picture I keep noticing how well her eyes were painted, aren't they just perfect?
And can we take a moment to appreciate how well she is against the background? The sky was created super well and the butterflies/plants all around really seem to center her perfectly.

Black Lady

A corrupted, adult version of Chibiusa from the Sailor Moon anime is what this is. And like I've gone on about before, Nnemuineko has some amazing talent when it comes to color. What power is this character using? Whatever it is, it's really helping the character's suit to seem just that much more dangerous and a bit more threatening. The way this picture was designed makes it pretty fun to imagine what all she was capable of doing in that story!

One thing true about all three of these pieces is that they're really cute! Click here if you want to see more of Nnemuineko's gallery!

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