Monday, May 22, 2023

Feature 210--Yugi-shirogane


Flame Soul

The fire flying around the character is super well done, in my opinion. And doesn't the painting on the scene all around just help show it off with the browns and reds?
And just look how well the character is posed; just like he was caught in the middle of a spin to make the fire go around him like it is. Amazing job with this piece!


I have always wondered how people paint eyes so beautifully! And I just want to run my fingers through her hair, it looks so very realistic.
This is a Genshin Impact character and painted so well in this fanart. All due respect for the work done here! And hasn't Yugi-shirogane done an amazing job on the plants closest to us? I enjoy this piece so much, thanks to her for sharing it with me!


Another gorgeous background in this image! He's clearly behind some city wall, did he write that on the right? Then again, he's just standing there with a smoke on this apparently chilly day. Maybe it's just easy to get to the place and be left alone for time to himself.
Again with the hair too! I'm so jealous about how these characters have such beautiful hair, Yugi-shirogane does amazing with it. And isn't it just something on how she can set up the clothing on these characters to be perfect seeming on the poses? Very enjoyable work!

These pieces are so well drawn and painted. It was so fun to see all of Yugi-shirogane's gallery, you have to check it out yourself!

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