Monday, May 15, 2023

Feature 209--glyphdragonix


When Two Meet

This looks like something we could see in a video game or something and I love it! There is so very much detail on everything, too, which is amazing. I enjoy how that road behind the fishbowl character came out and all that near the moon looks like they put a whole lot of effort into this.
As much as I enjoy being able to see so much detail, though, I wonder if it isn't a hair too much? Only because it makes it a bit harder to appreciate the main focus on the characters. Otherwise, this piece is fully amazing and they did a lovely job!

Underneath the Oak

Glyphdragonix has a nice little story underneath this piece, so I must suggest that you click the image to go to their piece so you can see it too!
Back to the artwork though, those clouds in the sky are amazing. Same for the trees as a whole but I have to give special mention to how they've done the leaves. It just makes me want to grab a handful of them and run my hand down the bark. It would also be amazing to touch that gryphon, provided it wouldn't be offended and take a bite out of me for the rudeness. I really love this piece, excellent job!

Circle City

Can you imagine putting a piece of a city design in a sphere like this and make the perspective work as well as here? I have so much respect for this piece, especially since it was made traditionally. And the buildings and bushes just seem to come together perfectly here. They say it only took one and a half months to finish this piece, too. They must have so been in the zone and it worked out perfectly!
Super work here, I'm so happy to have gotten to see it!

Weren't these three pieces amazing! Glyphdragonix' gallery is here so you can see even more of their work.

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