Monday, September 19, 2022

Feature 183--Tomabird

A Day Off

This is a lovely piece, isn't it? I personally just love how she's just in her living room, not having to pay any attention to that folder of paperwork right beside her. And isn't the detail all around so amazing! I have got to learn how to draw characters as well as Tomabird did here. Look at how gorgeous he painted her skin and especially that outside the window.
Amazing work, it's so fun to come back and just get to enjoy this one over and over!

Descent to Niflheim

Descent to the world of the dead. I wonder what kind of madness has made this poor soldier have to go down into it. I hope she's prepared...with everything the creatures that survive in that realm can do to the living, may it be a short trip!
That background is perfect for this kind of travel, isn't it? It's like we're watching her pass through whatever portal as it's closing; while she's looking back to what was normal for the last time before she's 'eternally' stuck in that ice and dead realm.

In Simpler Times

And for the last piece in this feature, we get to see his lovely scenery in this area. It puts me in mind of how someone would remember a home that they're away from for whatever reason. Just look at how peaceful the whole area is and that water garden is just amazing in this light. I wonder if the area is a desert-like place? It's still very very pretty!
I wonder how long it took to create such a nice piece? Super work!

If you enjoyed this feature; you'll really enjoy visiting Tomabird's gallery. Check it out!

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