Monday, May 23, 2022

Feature 166 -- AliKatt0


All Boro Island--Cutie Pies

I really enjoy how sweet these two look! One of them is meant to be her persona (I assume the one with the purple hair) and the character with green hair is apparently a boyfriend to the character.
The setup is so cute, too! She's working on her tablet and he, all in fun, pokes her for distraction and play. And can we just chat about how comfortable that chair looks? I also just now noticed how green her eye is. Looks so great against the purple of her hair!


This girl promises to be interesting. I wonder how many stories AliKatt0 has written or drawn about her? Because Sparks definitely seems like she's trounced more than one fight!
It's hard to decide which version I like most between the one in center where she's holding an umbrella behind her back or the one with the magic up and around her in the lower left. On that, I wonder if the umbrella is just that or if it's maybe one of her weapons? Could be wrong, but the design at the top of the umbrella definitely makes it seem like something to cast through!

Town Unknown--The Farmer and his Dog

And to end the feature is what has to be the cutest little design I've seen lately. This was made with Minecraft in mind and I was immediately able to tell with how the torches surrounding this location look. So not only that but there is an absolutely gorgeous sunset going on! Love how well that was painted and how many shades of color AliKatt0 got into the sky.
The farmer and his basket looks great, too. Love his straw hat! And let's just stop at the dog and his so cute pouch he's wearing. Really enjoy how fuzzy the dog is!
In all, a gorgeous piece.

To get to see more of AliKatt0's artwork, here is her gallery on dA. Drop by and spend some time to enjoy everything, there's plenty to see!

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