Monday, November 29, 2021

Feature 142--mlkfantasies

Mischievous Ea

I can't imagine how wild a mischievous demigoddess' could make all of her messages. Just playing with whatever she so chooses in what the people would consider space. I hope that her behavior doesn't end up with one of the planets erased...
Personally, I've been in love with what she's wearing on her forehead. Those colors match so nicely with her eyes and the hair? And look at how beautiful her lips are!

Shadow Beast

Some of the hardest fights in the world are against the shadows in one's mind. May the shadows that this warrior is battling be something she can defeat and set decisively under her feet sooner than later. And may that burst of light that she is preparing burn against these shadows as powerfully as light is normally!
Mlkfantasies mentions that this is the first time he focused on the characters in front vs playing with the background. It's clearly worked out perfectly! I love how the monster seems to have built itself from what is underneath them. And gosh, I really enjoy the reflection underneath our warrior's feet!

Study 24 - Raining
The character's name is Marcie. Doesn't she just look so exhausted with whatever is going on outside? I wonder if it's as busy as it appears in the window or is it's just the rain catching and enhancing the lights out there?
But take a look at the arm she's leaning on. I wonder if that is a gauntlet of sorts that she's wearing or if it's a replacement she had to have for some reason? It's a very well done section, just like her hair!

These three pieces were so fun to share and write about! Check out mlkfantasies' dA gallery so you can see even more of his work! Also, don't forget about his buzzly account. Both accounts have some amazing work.

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