Thursday, December 2, 2021

Creating in Sims 4

I was unprepared with my artwork that I should have been ready to show, so let's have a trawl through what happens when I go build in Sims 4!

Decided that I was going to build with Tiny Homes restrictions and this is the general size of the house that I stayed with. Rearranged some of the stuff inside this living room/sitting area on the right where it could be a more bearable living area. 

As you can (barely) see in this image, I changed that huge brown loveseat for something that fit the smaller area a little better. What I was mostly proud of at this point was forcing a television and stereo in this house--a thing I have far too much an issue with for Tiny Homes. (And if I'm going to be able to stand playing in the place, I have /got/ to have noise in it. Thank you stereos.)

Have to thank the Dream Home Decorator pack for this. In the bedroom, I was able to fit what I hope is a comfortable-enough bed with a little area for a laptop. Because everything works on the internet, even in this game, so that was very exciting to get to fit this area in that small room. It's not such a wasted area in this case. (And I was still riding the high that fitting the television in the living room gave me at this point.) So I decided to go upstairs and set up a roof that would fit that small place.

If you were at all shocked that everything was running so well up to this point, here would be why. For some reason, the game decided to cut out a whole section of the room ceiling. my best guess, perhaps it's cause I removed a platform that I considered putting the kitchen on and decided it looked odd?
That oddness doesn't change that the wall design outside was Barnyard Beauty paneling that fit perfectly with the Soledad Square Columns I decided to use last minute. At least the place was starting to come together! XD

Roof amazingly worked out despite the hole that had been right there. For the heck of it I threw a large chimney and some solar panel roofing on top. Thank goodness for the Half Gabled roof sections that worked out so quickly and so well!
For a quick sidewalk, I just grabbed some terrain paint with a square brush--that theme will continue til the yard is complete.

At this point I had some fun putting a hedge row all around the house and, since the hedges were too square, I grabbed some longer grass to throw in at points. Outside looks great, I would definitely do that again since the hedge rows worked out great.
Does anyone have suggestions for shaving a wall though? They seem to have been waiting for me so long that they've started to grow a beard in more than one space.

After testing and playing around with the outside area, this is what I finally settled on. Thrilled how well the pond came out by the end of everything and the whole area is ready for a little messing around by whoever is fortunate enough to live in the Sims and needs a place. Just be ready for a little farming and fishing before you decide to stick around

Oh my stars, I just looked at the clock a second ago. Building all this took me three hours? Does this look like a 3 hour build to you? It was so fun to do that I set up an individual save just for this little place when I need another pause between artwork or whatnot!
Thanks for sticking by for this run through of madness.

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