Monday, December 6, 2021

Feature 143--FabricFigures

Original Character Plush (Version 2)

Isn't this so neat! FabricFeatures created this for a university project...mercy, I hope that they had a great score for this!
Personally, I love the way they designed the torso as well as the character's clothing. But can we just look at those adorable ears? Aah! I love them!

DragonBall Super: Liquiir plush

To be honest, I know nothing about DragonBall characters. But everything about this plush makes me think about how powerful, or maybe sneaky?, this character has to be. The red and the designs he wears makes it seem like he has to be someone ready to teach others...(Now hear everyone who knows the character laugh. XD)

Dragon Ball: Super Saiyan Super Trunks

And finally, have Trunks from Dragon Ball! Again, I know nothing about the show, but I can't help but again be amazed. Isn't it just so very cool how well FabricFigures could make this piece work out? I love the uniform that was designed on him.
Love how well it works!

These three pieces were amazing, weren't they? I wonder how long they all took for them to create? Either way, to see more, here is FabricFigures' gallery! Definitely go check this out and you'll enjoy it all!

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