Monday, November 22, 2021

Feature 141--Avriia

[GIFT] Raphtalia

I can see why Avriia's boyfriend enjoyed this gift! The character, Raphtalia, is drawn with a great amount of skill and she stands out from the background perfectly! And doesn't it look like you could reach out and touch some of that fabric at her arms or get a feeling of that hair?
Adore pieces like this! Thanks for sharing it with me, Avriia!

[TW] Her Conviction

Caution: Cutting, self-harm, suicide, blood.
I enjoy the art behind the caution, it's very well done, but it gave me a bit of a shudder when I first saw it. Glad that she's made it out of the mental stormcloud she was in when she drew this piece!

Six Fanarts Challenge #5 - Naruto

For him to be on that kind of fire, he has to be preparing some super strong attack. Would hate to be the one deserving of that volley!
I'm in love with the folds in Naruto's sleeves and coat here. The way they're catching the light and shadow thrown by the fire he's gathering? Perfect!

If you enjoyed these three pieces she shared with me for the feature like I do, I know that you're going to love the rest of her work. Here is the link to Avriia's gallery!

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