Monday, November 1, 2021

Feature 138--CierinBlue

Steven Cross Portrait

CierinBlue starts off very strong with a portrait of her character, Steven Cross. I personally love how she has painted that skin tone. And let's not forget that hair! Wonder if it was painted with a texture brush?
My eyes also keep going back to that blue/gray background. Not only was it painted perfectly to help bring the character forward; but I am in love with that cloudy pattern.

Chadwick Boseman Portrait

This one was great to get to come across; a perfect respect for Chadwick Boseman's legacy.
The hair and beard have been done very well. But can I just squeal about how great of a job that CierinBlue did on the skin tone again? In no way is the color flat nor does the light appear to just be laying on top of it.
Super job done on this!

Steven Cross: Waiting

He doesn't seem to be all that impatient with whoever he's waiting on, does he? Love how occupied he's keeping himself in that coffee shop.
Here we are again with that amazing hair and skin! I know I've mentioned that every single one of these but how could I not? This realistic style that CierinBlue uses lends itself to pieces this great!

Speaking of CierinBlue's style, all of you have got to check out the rest of her gallery! Don't forget to tell her how amazing her work is.

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