Monday, October 4, 2021

Feature 134--Medusa the Eternal

Pygmy Espeon and Umbreon

Medusa the Eternal says that the idea behind these two Eevees is like someone stopped the evolution just after the colors changed, instead of letting it finish the evolution to Umbreon or Espeon. I love it!
Can you just imagine the color and some of the extra features of an Eevee evolution on a plain Eevee? I find myself wanting the color of a Glaceon and those two pieces of "hair" at its ears on the fuzzy body of an Eevee.
This piece has given me so many ideas. That's the best part of seeing other people's work!

Shion Uzuki

Xenosaga fanart! If y'all know about that story, please let me know? I don't know a thing about the story.
Don't you love the hair on this character though? I could easily see that fitting on plenty of characters. And I love the chosen color for it. Speaking of colors, what do you think about the clothing Shion is wearing? It reminds me of a uniform that characters in Star Trek wear!
Loving that background too. It makes Shion come front and center with no problem! It's all perfect!


I am making an assumption about this being a D&D enemy. The idea was simply a prompt for "Drawtober RPG". But it sure looks like something that I'd imagine for one of those games!
It's a Zombie Plague rat so I love those welts on its back, they appear like something that would burst just because you looked at it. Bleeegh. *shudder XD*

Here is the link to see more of Medusa the Eternal's artwork. If you enjoyed this feature, you'll definitely love her gallery!

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