Monday, September 27, 2021

Feature 133--DaoHaiNgoc

Succubus - Fanart by HaiNgoc

Oh my gosh I have got to squeal about the way DaoHaiNgoc painted this! Isn't it just amazing? That blue in the back just brings the eye forward to the succubus in question. And isn't there plenty to just see on her? To me, the wings are the most amazing part in this piece, even though it misses the point of the succubus. XD
I could just look at this piece forever and keep finding little things to notice. Great work!


Isn't this hair just amazing? I love the waves that DaoHaiNgoc was able to properly catch. And let's just chat about the light and dark in the hair. None of the colors overwhelm the rest. So let me just put it straight-- If Neptune wouldn't want to smack me for the offense, I'd love to run my fingers through her hair.
The eyes are just as lovely, too! A totally beautiful work!

Tecna-Fanart by HaiNgoc

Like with the succubus image, I'm immediately drawn to the wings. Their patterns are just cute and they almost seem to be as technical as the computer screen Tecna is looking at. Is that maybe a trick that the Winx club has worked out?
I'm also just as enthralled by how the hair was designed here. And I can't help but wonder how much good that pin does when the wind is blowing in the other direction. Still, it's so fun to look at!

Aren't these pieces just amazing! To see more of DaoHaiNgoc's work, here is the link to their deviantArt gallery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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