Thursday, August 26, 2021

Hey, the artblock is dead! Plus, Kesimpta 3!

Absolutely thrilled that some drawing has been able to happen! I could complain about how the drawings aren't showing the right perspectives...but no. I'm too thrilled right now that I was able to any drawing at all. This is some of my stone formation studies that I should have been working on forever.

Of course, the Artist's Ego is singing about every one of these. XD It's been almost an age since I've been able to relax and sketch/draw! No thanks to being so anxious about starting on the new medicines and everything...

Speaking about new medicine, you guys see that I have this titled Kesimpta 3. I took my 3rd loading dose on Wednesday! This means that I skip a shot on this next coming week and...the Kesimpta becomes a once a month medicine on the 8th!
Can I tell you how exciting that is? ...I won't have to face that (barely hurtful) autoinjector but once a month! Whee!

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