Monday, November 30, 2020

Feature 96--LadyYomi

Digimon OC: Strawberry Dress April

I love the way this background was built up! The ocean and clouds remind me of how they're seen in many anime with an excellent job done on the clouds. That chase in the sand looks perfect--one can't have just a peaceful scene, something has to play up somewhere. But focus on April now! Imagine how long that dress had to have taken, because it had to have taken an age to be so amazing. Excellent work!

A Hero Is Born! (Cloud's Birthday 2020)

This piece was designed as a respect to when Cloud Strife was created for FF7. The detail in this piece is amazing, just look at that cloud above him and how those trousers look! Don't forget the field of flowers that he's standing in. I personally love how LadyYomi drew up the character. That figure is just super and it looks perfectly natural for him. Take a moment to look at the determination on his face, too!

Kame Warriors: Happy 20th Birthday, dA!

An original character named Cupcake wields the powerful Wacom pencil! Doesn't she looks like she's having fun with it? As a digital artist myself, I have complete respect for how LadyYomi set up the pen's strokes and painted them. How did all that paint not get all over Cupcake though? She's digital as well! Maybe that's the magic of DragonballZ?

It was an honor to feature these pieces here. But you want to look at more of LadyYomi's art after seeing these three, right? Here's the link to her gallery! Take the time to respect the awesomely designed and painted pictures there.

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