Monday, October 12, 2020

Feature 89--bbrfrmln-cfa

These two are based on a few images of 'burning man' that bbrfrmln-cfa liked. First, I love the kissing scene here--can't help it, I'm a 'lovers' sucker at heart. Can you blame me? Especially with it having been drawn so very well here?
That in the background has to be a tire to some huge plane so I get the idea that these two are either greeting each other after a long time having been separated or, the more sad angle, that they're having to say goodbye for our soldier to have a few years tour in battle. Beautiful piece!

Ooo...Harley, Harley, Harley, haven't you learned yet? Batman isn't going to just let you attack him!
Doesn't it just look like he's standing there, wherever she attacked him, just waiting for her to come back again? That has to be the excuse for how she's still able to try to reach for that baseball bat. And am I the only one that sees her other arm being a bit disjointed from how far she had to have flown from the retaliation? Ouch!
Absolutely love this scene!

Doesn't this one just look so much like two players from a band, leaning together as some of the more intense strings are played? That's certainly what I see from this! Have to give our artist very much credit here; those guitars look amazing. The suits the players are in, too, seem to be something like one of the many Kpop (or straight rock) bands may wear.
These two characters are bbrfrmln-cfa's characters, U and Z. This one picture makes me want to learn very much more about them!

After seeing these three pieces, you want to see more of bbrfrmln-cfa's art, right?! First, a warning: Their art is "Erotic art, medical casts, fashion, bondage and all that together.", typed by their own hand. If you are alright with pieces of that nature, here is the gallery!

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