Monday, October 5, 2020

Feature 88--Anime-Cat-Art

The model for this adorable picture was adopted 4 days ago, at time of writing this post. Didn't Maya take the very best pose? Don't tell me that cats don't have a clue what people are doing. XD
Anime-Cat-Art did such a good job on this! And of course, the cat lover that I am would put this one as the first on the feature... Welp! Just love cats with me and everything will be just fine.  

Seven characters on the same image! Isn't that just amazing? And I love how busy the whole space is without overwhelming everything! Anime-Cat-Art definitely knows how to show the right amount of space between everyone and I seriously love the splashing in the water at front.
This looks like such the fun place to be!

There's a reason I was holding this one until the end piece and I hope that it amazes you the same that it does me! The camera seriously does appear to be looking down over the mermaid here. I can't imagine the difficulty that Anime-Cat-Art had to get this to work out for her but I'm so so happy that she worked it out!
And isn't the mermaid's eyes just painted so very well? They look so pretty to me. Honestly, she just looks so amazed at the birds over her and it is perfect in my eyes.

So, after seeing all three of these pieces, you want to see what else she can paint, right? Anime-Cat-Art's gallery has so many other super well done images! Don't forget to check out all the folders, too!

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