Thursday, September 3, 2020

Critiques are such gorgeous treasure!

Let's speak about drawing critiques. I absolutely love them! So my tutor has given me some critique on the Norux image, yesterday. The bad part? I've been all kinds of exhausted and sleeping too much. >>;

So please excuse me that this is all I've actually got to show at the moment. Updates will come each week!

The dagger has been moved so I can show where this goes on Norux's belt. And I have more work to correct all the boots we see here. Not to mention this trouble I keep having to show small things like the hand guard of the blade (in his hand) as 3D instead of simple 2D!

There's some good news about all this, though!
Tutor wants me to show him how much I know about light and shadow once I've fixed up this bit of linework. Which, of course, means the dreaded fire on the fire pose. It ought to be pretty fun to get the fire to go from his hand and around him.
Double so for actually showing the light and shadow for the thing!

As I state all of this, it hits me again. Why is it that the fun part of artwork is all of the work we do in it? Maybe it's my unfailing interest in puzzles. Maybe it's that I like playing with things that pretend to drive me insane.
But gosh, it's got a hold on me and I keep begging it for more!

Wish me luck, please, as I take you on this trip of madness with me.

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