Monday, August 31, 2020

Feature 84--Xehiros

Jan Stavig (Without Corpse Paint)

I'm very interested as what Xehiros' Black Metal vocalist looks like in color. This apparently turned out to look like another OC of hers, so that's what she built up. It all looks great to me. I mean, just look at how Xehiros created that hair and look at how the eyebrows are made. Aren't they amazing?
It's also very nice to see the character with all the shadows she put on the image. Looks perfect for a rainy night! Excellent work on this one!

The Old King

This is another very well done gray scale piece, don't you think? I personally enjoy how well Xehiros drew the muscles and battle wounds on this character and just look at the holes in his skin. Want evidence of an "old" king? Right there! And may I just drool about how she drew up those wings around him?
His highness here is a king on an alien world...I'm going to poke around on Xehiros' gallery to see if I can happen to read any of her tales about this character and I suggest you do the same! (Once you're finished looking this feature over!)

Gothic Fairytale

I can definitely see this gal being one of the fairies in old fairytales, luring the human fool to follow her deeper into the woods with her! That earring almost looks like it could be golden, to draw the eye to however else she means to trap her prey. And I really don't see her as one who just wants to feed from the human's curiosity!

Xehiros' artwork is amazing, in my eye. If you're interested about the rest of her gallery (like how I hinted before, maybe?), the link is right here! You won't be disappointed!

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