Monday, July 6, 2020

Feature 76--MagnumRokusho

I love the characters in the background of this piece. Not only does it show what kinds of creatures that the druid is trying to make go to rest, they really do help to show some of the perspective. The spires do look to be pretty old; or damaged by the creatures, but I think I really enjoy the red on them. I like to imagine that it's a sign that the druid can see to show him where to cleanse.
Speaking of signs, take a look at the place that the druid is kneeling! That looks like an amazing place of protection and I think I like how the stones were laid around the Conjurer's mark. In all, this is an awesome piece. Excellent work!

The Glass Mayhem

I wonder if this is the same druid as before? I really like how this image is showing another of his skills, as if he's commanding glass shards to target and fly into whatever he's fighting against. I like to imagine that the one who backed him into that corner really got a taste of what a "bad idea" was before it fell to the ground, lifeless.
The glass looks like it's ready to explode once it drives itself into the enemy; so it can't be a peaceful way to go! (Then again, why should the druid be expected to be peaceful when he's being attacked?)

And the very best thing to do when being attacked by the mind is drink the juices of a fire bug. One part of me goes "yuck" and the other hopes that this stuff is going to help him out. From what MagnumRokusho wrote, this potion is going to help this druid have the energy to outlast these creatures that are after him. Here's hoping that everything turns out well for him!

The pieces that were shown to me for this feature are only a small dip into the very interesting work that was done before. So I've got to share MagnumRokusho's gallery! Just like the three pieces in this feature, the rest of their work has a bit of writing to tie all of the individual scenes together.

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