Monday, June 22, 2020

Feature 74--Yllaseviel

Hair Practice

This is a beautiful traditional piece, isn't it? Yllaseviel says that this was done with Unipin and a Mongol 2 pencil. I wonder how much time this took? The shading by itself had to have taken an age and I seriously love how this picture looks like it could have come from a professional book. 
Great work!

Yato greets you a Merry Christmas

An excellent piece of fanart, yes? I don't know anything about Yato or where he's from, but it sure looks like he's playing with a snowy magic! The moon behind him gives some very good lighting in this picture and I like how the clothing is reflecting all of it. And finally, I have got to give a cheer for that hair. Looks like I could actually run my fingers through it!
(Best not though. XD Yllaseviel did claim him in the artist comments.)

Rei Ayanami

She claims to never want to use semi-realism again. Can you blame her? I bet this took hours to do! I like the color of the hair to match with the eye colors; the colors come out great on the canvas used. Take a look at the shading on Rei's shoulders and neck, too. It gives them some great volume!
I'm very in awe of this piece! The time it took to design the character and paint it this well was well used!

You guys have got to drop by Yllaseviel's gallery and let her know that you've been there. There are many more pieces that show off her talent; she deserves getting all of them seen!

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