Monday, April 13, 2020

Feature 64--Buccy

Kevin dream
I really enjoy every one of these pieces. All three of them seem to have a hand-puppet feel, to me, and it all fits in with the storybook feeling that I get out of them!

As for Kevin dream, this almost looks like the character is wearing a uniform of sorts. Perhaps he's a student in a high school? And I really enjoy how Buccy drew in the hair. It looks like I could reach forward and run my fingers through it! Very cute work here. ^^

Poncho boi
I like the background in this piece. The color works very well with the ones on the character himself, without drowning them out. And I always do enjoy monochrome-like pieces, so this one has definitely got the right kind of hold on me.

A surprised Peach
This is the look that Bowser gets to see almost every single time during the kidnapping scenes of the games. XD It's great to see her earrings and her brooch in this image since they break up some of the pink and blonde. They were placed perfectly in this piece and match so well with her eyes. I also like how Buccy drew the sleeves against those white gloves, it also breaks up the pink in such a nice way!

It was so fun to go through Buccy's gallery after setting up this feature. You should take a look too!

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