Thursday, April 9, 2020

3D scene update!

This one has no doubt been seen by everyone that is watching me on deviantArt. The pot is the famous Utah teapot and I'm so glad Blender has a version. Can you imagine trying to create that one from the cylinder that Blender gives you to work with? No idea how the original person to create the teapot did it!

Metal teapot and glass cup! I was so thrilled when both of these worked out. ^_^ And can you believe that one of my oh so cruel friends challenged me for what to put elsewhere in the scene? If I weren't following my tutor's instructions and  BlenderGuru's videos on youtube and that I get to work on my own slow speed? I still wouldn't be playing with 3D at all. So this challenge was oh so terribly mean.

He challenged me to create a donut box to lay in the upper right that will have my full-color signature acting as if it's from the bakery.

Do you know how awful that is right now? How little I know about creating such things? Why would he do such a thing to me? ...blast it, he knows too dang well that I'm going to have to make this donut box. All because he planted that seed in my mind and now it's going to grow and grow! 

I shake all the fishes at you for this awful, terrible, totally mean idea that is going to actually happen sooner or later!

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