Monday, February 17, 2020

Feature 56--Boldfrontiers

Welsh Furnace Falls
I'd be lying if I said I didn't like water scenes (cause this whole feature is full of them). So this one caught my eye immediately, can you see why? The contrast of the water against the golden brown rocks and the brown and red leaves is so fun. Super respect for how much time he may have had to spend at this place to get this photo! 
He mentions in the artist's comments that his original piece was processed with the colors I'm such a fan of. If he hadn't said that, I would have just assumed that the location just had these colors! I wonder how much time and experiments that may have taken? Either way, it's some gorgeous work!

Autumn Unicoi Reflections
I just can't get past how perfectly still the water is so it can mimic the trees above it, in this piece. Can't help but wonder how many pictures he had to take to get this to cooperate with him! Then again, maybe it's not unusual for this space? 
Doesn't the water seem to be inviting you in with how perfect it mirrors everything?'s a trap, though. In the time of year he took this photo, you'd only come out of the water as an ice cube. I'm even more interested in what could be behind the trees here. It'd be so nice to be able to take a walk in these woods, with the sound of the lake behind you and all of the birds and other animals around!

Rocky Morning Point
Another excellent photo taken by Boldfrontiers! Isn't it just something how he was able to catch the dirt and rocks, painted in red by the sunrise, just reaching out toward the waters in front of them? And just look at the nearby water just teasing them!
And doesn't the morning sunlight paint the grass and trees in the background so beautifully? Love how well he caught this. If I were to guess, it was probably a slightly chilly morning. It has to be hard to get out and take photo after photo to capture the exact right one in that kind of setting. Thanks to Boldfrontiers for doing all of this anyway in the search for a great capture to share!

If you would like to see more from this artist, here is his deviantart gallery. He also has his own website if you'd like to see his work from there. And, don't be too surprised, but he has more than water scenes. Whichever link you check out, it's going to be more than worth your time!

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  1. Thank you very much Rach for taking the time to write this thoughtful blog and appreciating my images!