Monday, October 14, 2019

Feature 40: Yuki Semnatsu

Japanese Hawaiin Nurse 19'
Her outfit in this is pretty interesting, I think. (Especially as used to seeing what a doctor or nurse usually wears, as I am! XD) The best part of her outfit is that the skirt seems to fit a decent length down her legs, what and the way a lot of artists like to make a dress super short. It's also cute how she's shown as smiling in the right-hand version. 

4th of July 19'
YukiSemnatsu mentions that the one shooting off fireworks has either too much fire magic or just too many fireworks. ...well what's the point of having fun with it if you have to be specifically careful? Right? I do wish that I could know how the one in front seems to be sneaking forward with more fireworks that are already on fire. It looks like a huge handful!

Summer Secret Santa: Cleo
I like how this character is drawn. Her hair and clothing don't seem to be clashing with the background nor with anything already colored so much. And I have to say that I personally enjoy the purple hair and her jeans.

Here is the link to Yuki's gallery and the artwork seems to be getting even better with each piece added. Definitely check things out, if you wish. ^^

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