Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I've been far too quiet about my own work...

Whooo. The computer did a great job dying a few days ago. Some drivers were making a mess of themselves and it resulted in Windows 10 outright refusing to open, even in Safe Mode. @@ BUT! Due to the intelligence of my very computer smart brother, he managed to copy his version of 10 to this computer and got all of my files back!
The screen is a bit odd, it seems a bit bigger than what I used before, but everything looks and acts perfectly right now.

And praise the artists who have been allowing me to feature their work! I hope that everyone is checking out their galleries and other pieces?

I have been playing a little bit with the Coffee Time comic once the crash excitement settled down. The background is slowly coming to order and I widened the characters and table in the third panel's sketch. It looks like it works so much better now! (Even more exciting? My tutor mentions that it was a good idea!) 

I cannot wait until the computer proves that it's stable enough to handle the figures and painting in this! Wish me luck that everything remains stable for it!

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