Monday, October 7, 2019

Feature 39: RavenCorona

Corvo Attano
RavenCorona says that they hadn't drawn realistic people in a long time in the artist's comment for this piece. I can't tell. Corvo looks amazing and so does all that scenery behind him. Anyone who has played Dishonored, can you tell me how accurate all this is? (If it isn't incredibly accurate, I may not be willing to believe you. So it might not be a good idea to say less. XD)

Damn, you're a sucker
First off, I am really laughing at the meme reference that's in this artist comment. These two Leviathans seem to be giving the exact same faces to each other and the viewer. It's pretty amazing to see how their scales work in this medium, RavenCorona says that it was Copics 'this time'. Are those pens able to do this kind of thing regularly? I know I'm gonna spend my time searching for Copic art. XD

My favorite out of these three (though all three of them are amazing). Does this not look exactly like Smaug? And I'm in love with how the gold seems to be glowing underneath him. There is a GIF in the artist comments that shows RavenCorona's process in painting this whole thing, definitely check that out. To me, it was fun to see how everything came together.

If you like dragons and video game themes, do go and check RavenCorona's gallery! You'll be well rewarded for the time spent.

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