Monday, September 30, 2019

Feature 38: ChoonLasty-Ghost

Chilly in the morning
This piece is based on a fancharacter belonging to one of Choon's friends. I personally love the background she painted for this, the snow looks like something fluffy enough that someone could play in! The snow sets off that water in the background really nicely, in my opinion.

Just Shapes and Beats
I haven't heard of the game that she mentions in the artist comments, but her painting about it makes me interested in searching. The way she goes from bright pink for the threat down to the blue for the hero's attacks looks great! Are the four items in the center more players or boosters? Whatever the case, they seem surprised to be there. XD
It's fun to overthink on this piece!

The starry sky really brings everything forward, I love that and the grass/water. The flower in the center is crying blood, sadly I don't know why. Perhaps this was a stress image? Or perhaps just to have folks think and question? I like!

These three are so cute, aren't they? Do yourself a favor and check out her gallery!

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