Monday, March 11, 2019

Feature 13--JameyCakesHotty

Ooh, I've been waiting to get to this gal's work! I always have a liking for how people handle 3D works and jameycakeshotty is one of the best, in my opinion! doesn't hurt that I kinda enjoy what she does to these characters of hers. XD I'm always a fan of being less than kind to a character. If you take a look at her full gallery, I should mention that it's mildly NSFW (3D nudity and asphyxiation is a big theme), so this feature is going to lead to that if you follow the links.

...Now that the overcomplicated NSFW warning is said, let's get to the feature!

Open Jacket
I've always wondered how Daz studio works. Do you have to build the character in the scene or is it posing them in such a way that the bones and other parts aren't flying all over the world? (I'd imagine Daz is more sensitive than Clip for this since it's the main theme of the program.) But look at this character here! Could you imagine being in a hot location and just loosing your top like she has? 
Or just imagine how tiring it gets having to go up staircase after staircase...after a time, you would have to get some fresh air on the covered skin! XD She looks like she has a long way to go too...look at her complaining that this is just the second floor! 

Do you guys recognize the character with the weapon? Jamey asked me to draw her a little while back and it's really entertaining to see her in action like this. ^^ The purple hair fits this character great, doesn't it? And I like the bandanna she has over her face in this one.
The lights on the trees really helps to frame this scene! ...ooh that fellow needed taken down in so much light so that everyone could watch it, so I'm really enjoying how this is set up. And look at that sky! I'm always taken by the little details like that. 

Oh heyyy..
Ooh, this is nice! Here's a character that she bought in 2017, doesn't he look like a troublemaker? Perfect for the ladies that she's always putting in peril situations. XD (And I think I've seen him in her 2018 and 2019 pictures.) I really like how she set this up--like I said, no idea how handling the poses or light and shadows work in that program, so this brings a lot of admiration on how well this one looks. 
...the fellow himself doesn't look that terrible either. She really picked out a good one, didn't she? He looks like one of those troublemakers who always gets out of trouble by his good looks. You know the type, the ones that people admire so much that they can't believe he would do anything terrible just because of how sexy they find him. XD It's quite nice to see him in a single pose like this. ^^

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