Wednesday, March 6, 2019

2pt perspective Cera's Bedroom

I'm really enjoying how this piece is coming out! It's clear that I need the bookshelf, window, and the little photos beside the bookshelf still but...that will come when it does.

I have a feeling that the nightstand isn't in the right perspective but y'know, it's not that bad. I'm still thrilled that it looks decent as it stands. Gosh though, I wish the sketch process would come quicker. It's not at all fair that I've not been able to stay home lately so I could draw past this right now. But sooner or later it'll come, right?

Aside from that, how have you felt about the features I've been posting? Have y'all been taking a look at everyone's deviantart pages? The people I'm featuring are very worth checking out!
I have enough so far that the featuring will go on through all of summer, then I'll put out another call for more people to feature every Monday.

...Provided I don't sleep through a whole Monday that I forget to schedule. @@ 

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