Monday, March 4, 2019

Feature 12--SailorSunPhoenix

Collab Herschel 32 by SailorSunPhoenix
Collab Herschel 32
This character belongs to SailorSunPhoenix on dA. I think she's pretty cute! And the background that she made helps put the figure closer to the camera. As I said, I like her color pattern...can't wait to see SailorSun's work get better. ^_^

H32 Shina Ki Drawings by SailorSunPhoenix
H32 Shina Ki Drawings
A kid in school sleeping on the desk. Goodness knows I've been there! XD Hershel 32 is one of the Senshi characters so she had to be put in class. fits perfectly! I do like the attempts of hands in this image. Soon, SSP, you will be making hands well! (Or, in my case, well enough. XD You'll get there too!)

Sailor H32 By Lunarartemisia by SailorSunPhoenix
Sailor H32
This one was drawn up by Lunarartemisa for SailorSunPhoenix. Isn't that braid so cute here? And I really enjoy how the hair was painted in. And doesn't this style look just like one of those cute little dolls? The way she did the face looks a lot like one of those china dolls, too. I hope she's never dropped!

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