Sunday, October 25, 2015

The fish! It has decided to color!

Edit posted Nov 16

And with any luck, the fish should stand out fairly well from the background (when that's colored) since it's the only thing to be graced with a texture.

At least how I think right now. We'll see. XD

One thing I do know. You can finally see the fish even with the transparent background. *facepalm*


  1. It looks good. Going to have some aquatic friends in your JW pack?

    (I can't hardly help teasing you about every animl you draw between here and the end of November, regardless whether it has anything to do with JW or not, and I probably won't stop, but I mean it all in good humor.)

    I just noticed you've updated the bookmark icon. It looks good.

    1. I may do so! They're all going to come one day or the other, so if they decide to play in JW, that'll be all the good. My water creatures will need some friends!

      That orange Blogger icon was getting on my nerves. Even their other one! So thank you, especially for telling me how to do it in the Box days. XD