Thursday, October 29, 2015

Updated fish!

Edit posted Nov 16

Didn't feel like putting this on deviantart yet, since it almost feels like a backtrack with the water layer turned off.
--Better word! Not a backtrack, a "non-linear progress". Thanks to Ace for that one!

Once the rest of the rocks are dragged from the canvas, I plan to put more grass and probably a couple more (smaller) fish to give this picture a little more life. I know that a bass would probably eat the smaller fish, but maybe he's not exactly hungry night now. XD

Edit 11/1
This is a test to see the light and dark as it should play in the water...if I could get a blue shade to behave for me. Even without blue though, I like!


  1. Backtrack? I wouldn't use that word. Maybe a non-linear progress report? Ah, but I love words. Call it whatever you like, it is your fish. =)

    1. XD Oh I love it, "non-linear progress" is a -lot- easier to claim than a ''backtrack''. However, I do have ideas to put water onto things again. When things are finally put together!

    2. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to one-up me for the promotion I give you on my blog. Trust me, I get plenty just from my name at the top of my comments.

    3. Not at all! I just needed to give you credit where credit was due. Cause that rephrasing of the term was not from my head whatsoever.