Monday, October 2, 2023

Feature 227--Karren-san

Considering this is a cat, I wonder how much trouble it can get into in an hour? Goodness knows that our housecats can invent issues when they're bored! So what kind of issues can this guy come up with? And in the perfect scene, there is absolutely no one that could accuse this one even if said issue helps cause some kind of actual trouble.
It would be absolutely great!

An OC that belongs to a friend of Karren-san. In my opinion, I really think the character was treated so very well. Loving the paint and the clothing this fellow is wearing...considering some of his tags, I wonder what kind of show he would live in?
Those wings are so fun too. Their size makes me imagine that he could change the size to a degree to help him fly when necessary--at least it's fun to think so!

This is such a pretty coloration! Opal is certainly what I see here and it's absolutely gorgeous; I wonder how hard it was to paint? And just look at how well the pillbug was designed! Looks exactly like the ones I've picked up and held. Since this one is opal like in color, does that mean it's a main character in some story or other? I could just imagine it...
Aside from my silly question, this is a very nice piece!

Had a lot of fun with this feature since Karren-san has done such a lovely job with these pieces! The gallery is here if you would like to see their other works!

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