Monday, September 4, 2023

Feature 224--MeganDrawsaLot


Fox Fire

First, I love the background our fox/kitsune is in. We can just see the magics all around her in that cloud she's in. I also love the way that MeganDrawsaLot managed to get the fur and ears on this kitsune. Is her hand a paw behind her head? It would fit perfectly!
Those clothes that Megan put on her makes it work perfectly too. Everything sets off lovely and I feel like it's some great work. Lovely job!

Star Goddess

I love pen and pencil work! The darkness of space behind her and the brightness of the moon and the magic coming from her staff. And let's just look at the space woman. It's so fun how her halos seem to be just spaces on the moon, at least to me! That suit is also adorable; I personally enjoy the little 'wings' of the dress. It just fits so well that it's floating in the weightlessness in space!
Love this piece entirely.

Nine Tailed Goddess

A nine tailed kitsune! That means that she's supposed to be quite powerful, doesn't it? Either way, I really enjoy how Megan set this up! No wonder this one is a goddess! I personally love how the yellow touches in the red like it is and she's done a lovely job in letting us see her character so easily against those tails.
But oh my gosh those eyes are gorgeous! I also enjoy how her makeup has been done, the lipstick is beautiful and I think I'm in love with those dots on her cheeks, below her eyes. Excellent work here!

These pieces are just perfect for this feature; certainly go through MeganDrawsaLot's gallery! You'll definitely enjoy yourself!~

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