Thursday, August 10, 2023

Sims 4: Horse Ranch barn-house

Was having some great fun taking inspiration from LilSimsie's build on youtube and here is what I've ended up with so far. Pretty darn happy with it, to be honest, once I figured out how to get the roofing to behave for me. XD Just have to remember the animal shed and a couple chicken coops in this huge lot soon.

And of course there's a nectar making spot on the left, in that little shed. I hope Tre and Lorrie will be making plenty of it soon! (At least once I learn how. XD)

The colt pictured in the previous image seems quite happy with this space, surprisingly. I guess it's not that different from an actual stable space with this sims build? Love that it's also so thrilled with how the character is taking care of it, too. <3

Here's the first floor! Bathroom, kitchen, and main room shown here. And of course we can see the colt again--he's clearly having plenty of fun running around the whole lot and playing with that ball in the first image. Gosh I hope he'll learn the other skills needed for this part of the game. XD

And finally, the upstairs! Bedroom for the vampire and his wife. She'll be shown soon when I'm ready to share the both of them--may they both be able to properly work for this ranch. Gardening and animals all around? Goodness knows I've been addicted to the whole thing since buying it; so both of them *better* be happy with it too. XD

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