Monday, August 14, 2023

Feature 221--kuromizzz


The yellow on yellow here really does help bringing the kitty into focus! An elder kitty with no teeth but has to still be worth the adoption...cats are amazing in being worth caring for. Apparently this one has FIV so I hope that he's still being entirely lovely for kuromizzz!
I personally enjoy the face of both kitty and the character right here, very well designed. Excellent work!

I'll be honest, I personally enjoy the color purple. And it was used quite well on this piece! We can easily see what is closest to the camera and what isn't, like that bag and the boot.
The hair seems to have come out perfectly for this style of work, at least in my opinion. I wonder what kind of clothing design this is, if it has a name? The character seems quite comfortable, either way, and it's designed quite well. Lovely work.

And last some very lovely linework. This character seems to be perfectly in balance and I've been mildly distracted by that cute head tilt in this piece. kuromizzz doesn't label it themselves so I don't know for certain, but this looks like a very well controlled digital inking from some program.
I really do enjoy this one! It looks like it was fun no matter what else. Very cute work, great job!

Weren't these pieces just so cute? To see more of kuromizzz's work, their deviantart gallery is here! They also have a Patreon, if you're interested in seeing that too.

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