Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Feature 219--Citrus-Chikadee

Chilling Together

This is a fun piece. Really enjoying the textures on the vending machine and on the dog's ear.
I like how well the grass detail has been done, too. But I have a question--is that in front of the room like a porch or is it just some sidewalk section?
Working with the pen this way is very well done; great job!


Potion Time

Aah, that cat! It's perfect for this scene! ...so is the cat the witch, boiling that potion, or is it the witch's helper in a much harder to capture form? And just because the cat is black, it doesn't mean either the witch or cat is necessarily evil, even in Halloween times. Don't interrupt them! Maybe they're preparing to capture one of the villains in that realm?
So fun to make stories up on this piece. Excellent work, Citrus-Chikadee!


When I was playing pokemon, I SO enjoyed Duskull! And getting to see two of them just playing near one another? ...knowing the one's history, it makes me wonder if they're attempting to catch a person or two because just look at that one's dark magic going as they dance their circle!
Entirely fun piece!

These three pieces were great to get to chat about! To see more of Citrus-Chikadee's artwork, her gallery is here. Have fun! 

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