Monday, July 24, 2023

Feature 218--Mbembe


Storm Pinup

I've fallen in love with how well Mbembe has done the clouds on this piece. And it's exactly what we'd see on Xmen when Storm is using her powers against whatever foe they're all coming against.
Does Storm wear a suit like this? Maybe she's hopped down from somewhere high and is in the process of standing back up, where one of the others caught this photo while the villains are spelling everything out in their villany. (Or, more likely, the camera showing the characters has gotten this pose.)
In all, it's a really fun piece, great work!

Stormi Maya full portrait

Mature filter on this copy since the original image has one. dA won't let people see this if not signed in.
I have to say that Mbembe is quite good with anatomy! I wonder how long it took him to learn to draw the human form so well? And to be able to turn it into something of a cartoon/comic style just as easily! Much respect for his talent, excellent job.

Yusagi Yojimbo

Mbembe did an amazing job with this armor, in my opinion. It looks like it could help guard this character in any battle he's in! Unlike how some of the shows and videogames handle their armors. Full respect to Stan Sakai, the comic's artist!
Back to Mbembe's fanart here, the colors on this piece look quite well done with the 'sun' in red behind the blue and black of Yusagi's suit. Excellent work here!

These were quite fun to look at! Doesn't Mbembe have some skill? His gallery is here if you'd like to see more of his work!

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