Monday, June 19, 2023

Feature 214--wonderingwellow

Doubt I have to remind y'all, but click on the image to get taken to the page the art's on! Isn't this an amazing piece of pixel work? To be able to work on such small pieces of art is just lovely.
I personally love how she put that crown on the swan's head and how it works so nicely with the sky behind it. The water moves perfectly too, in my opinion. Lovely artwork!

Ooh, is this what it's supposed to be like inside the pokeballs for the individual pokemon? Anything to make it more comfortable for them, I imagine.
Really enjoying how the flowers move as if there's a bit of wind in here. And then the Pikachu in the center is bouncing as if he is quite happy in this section. I hope he really is! And then that he and the rest of the pokemon this owner has get to walk with him or her. They can't just be inside the ball, right?
I personally love this piece!

As I know nothing about animating anything, I wonder if the bubbles in the water and the blinking of the mermaid's eyes is why her tailtip can't move? Then again, with the fish and bubbles in the water maybe it would have caused too much distraction.
But aren't the colors just perfect for this scene? We can see the mermaid very easily and there's nothing causing any issues in the fish swimming back and forth. I'd love to be able to be *in* this bit of water! Lovely work!

These pieces are fully amazing! Not only pixel but animated too? If you'd want to see more of wonderingwellow's art and her writing, her gallery is here! Please drop by 💖

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