Monday, May 1, 2023

Feature 208--Devine-Escapes

Fire Circle Stone Art

This is meant to be a fire pit. I'm so glad that the person who bought this kind of art decided to not put a fire in the middle of it, as is mentioned in the comments. I personally love the colors the stones Devine-Escapes was able to find and make work together. I can definitely see the eye that he mentioned in his comments, like this is a brown or hazel colored eye.
I personally love this, excellent work!

Visionary Stone Sculpture Tentacle with Eyes

This must be something that we'd see in a video game, a large tentacle that is used to attack the player. And of course the eyes all over have to be able to fire off lasers or some kind. It's a perfect thing, too, if one wants to protect their yard.
Can you believe this is 7 feet and 3 inches? And managed to keep its balance even with these curves it has before he hid some mortar to keep the shape! Amazing work, it was so fun to get to see this.

Bluestone and Slate Sphere

First off, have I mentioned that Devine-Escape creates these designs himself? Just look at how nice this sphere turned out! How long did he have to work to learn all this? It's all amazing!
I personally love this sphere since it's so well made--all of the stone is worked to make such a nice curve all around. Excellent work!

I've always loved when people create things like this! Here is Devine-Escape's gallery so you can see more of his photos! And I'd be wrong to not mention his website as well!

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