Monday, March 27, 2023

Feature 203--Alex-KZG


[OC] Arya

Isn't the colors Alex-KZG used just that perfect for this character? An Ebonian goddess, in his story, and just look how ready Arya is to take out what troubles she's facing! I love that lotus flower in the background, it is perfectly set to show what Arya got her life from.
And isn't the body figure just perfect? I love the whole bit!

[OC] Lacey as the Tooth Fairy

Haha, well it's very true that kids will get money for their lost teeth...I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to lose the whole mouthful though, no matter how much money the kid in question wants! XD
I wonder if 'psycho fairy' is just what she is or if it's the position Lacey is fitting right now? Can see it either way, and the ideas that come to mind would be perfect for a spooky story. Love this piece so much!

M3rMa1D Mk II unit

And the cyborg of the whole group! I wonder if she was originally built as one? ...the name seems like it of course but there's always a way for things to come together...
The name is also quite interesting! What would you do if you came across this Cyborg in the middle of a deep ocean base? Especially with that sci-fi like weapon she's holding! This is so fun to think on and play with in my head, thank you so much Alex!

These three pieces are so well done, weren't they? Alex-KZG's gallery is here if you'd enjoy seeing more!

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