Monday, March 13, 2023

Feature 201--CaptainEdwardTeague


Luna and Sam happy idea

This is cute! Aren't these two meant to be in love, I think I remember something about it...I like how they're set up and it seems like they're just doing something normal, like more love based things should be. It makes them look like they've been together for a little while instead of just seconds ago.
And just look at the artwork! CaptainEdwardTeague has done a great job to draw the scene in the show's style. And let's mention how well the colors work out too! I really like this.

Luna "Ooooooh"

And here is Luna, fully surprised by something right in front of her, it seems. I wonder what happened for this kinda reaction? And I wonder how quickly her shock changed to something else?
Can I mention how I find the 'paperclip in the piercing' to be pretty interesting? Has she done that on the other side or is this a one piercing? To be fair, I don't know anything about the show...just their design choices and how Captain has chosen to take them for what she wants to share? Lovely work!

Izzys Swinging

This one is great isn't it! I wish I knew the show, but these two look like they're having a good time--maybe they're coming after a friend to join?
And the artwork is so fun. The grown version definitely seems like she knows what she's doing. Is she and the baby in the same frame, regularly? Have to admit that it would be interesting. So very fun to see, amazing work!

This was quite fun to go back through CaptainEdwardTeague's gallery to see what to share in this feature! She does an amazing job on these characters, check them out!

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