Monday, February 13, 2023

Feature 197--sushy00


Digimontober 27: Dracomon

Isn't this such a pretty piece? That sky is amazing and helps set off the digimon and the grass. Speaking of, wasn't the grass done so very well in this style? It seems like I could run a hand through it!
and I love how sushy00 created the texture on Dracomon! I wonder how long it took? 100% worth the time used either way, it seems like the digimon has scales with all of this. Super job!

Pigs on a Farm

The scene for this piece was created so very well! I wish I could live there since it looks so very peaceful. Especially with that lovely sky!
This was a commission sushy00 drew for someone, it's supposed to be some kind of image that comes when a game is won. With the patterns on the walls and the roof, I wonder if it was some kind of card game involving these pigs? Seems like it would be very fun!

Digimontober 29: Drimogemon

This one is supposed to be some kind of mole, isn't it? I really enjoy the shade sushy00 chose for the purple and shaded it so well. Along with a similar shading like was done on Dracomon too, love how it works out so well!
And isn't it so nice that this one has metal of a kind to dig through the dirt that a mole lives in. And at least the nails and horn wouldn't be able to break off like could happen to regular animals. Really do enjoy this piece!

Sushy00 did such an amazing job with all three of these images, thanks so much to them for sharing with me. If you'd enjoy seeing more of their work, the gallery is right here!