Monday, February 6, 2023

Feature 196--Kael-S


I always see a bow from this game drawn and my gaze is locked and studying how it was created. XD Might be why I do so badly with the game too, right?
To the figure, isn't it so nice! The back looks pretty natural and I happen to like how her backside is covered from this end. Gives us more color to notice! I also think that Kael-S does an amazing job with the painting, not leaving any accidental brush strokes off the figure. Lovely work!


Doesn't Mona's magic book look so neat done in this style? Very nice work there!
But take a look at how well the character's clothes have been done. Looks just like the game, in my opinion so that makes the artwork itself just that more amazing in my eye. And just look at her playing with her Hydro spell--I personally think it looks like she's lifting herself a bit with the water at her feet.
Really do enjoy this one!


First off, that spell he's casting around himself is super well done, the character isn't blocking any piece of it! I haven't met this character in game yet (as I recall) but everything that he's decorated with in this image definitely makes me a bit more excited to get to that point!
Can't help but love the weapon Kael-S put into his hand, appears to be some magical kind of spear and those always end up being quite dangerous to deal with.

Kael did an amazing job with these characters! Their gallery is here if you'd like to see more of their work!

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