Monday, January 30, 2023

Feature 195--Cuestionador


Lurking in the Dark

First off, so very much respect for any kind of art like this. Black and White with no shade of grey is so hard to control! Super work with it, Cuestionador!
The monster in the front seems to be daring one to take even one more step forward, with that creature in the back currently busy with what it's working on. Or perhaps the one in front isn't a monster, just someone who had been forced to see so many people ignore them, finally getting the label?

Batman Collage Sketch

In Cuestionador's artist comments, he mentions that this is a homage to "Detective Comics 31 by Sheldon Moldoff". Hasn't he touched on everything just right?
The Mad Monk in the foreground, making tracks away from Batman with his captive. It's not a doubt that he (Batman) is going to spin the Mad Monk in all kinds of circles to get the captive free. In the piece, I can see mountains in front of Batman and the cities in front? Really enjoying looking at this!

Time is Running Out

What looks like an atomic bomb has gone off in the background. How many people alive are as robots while all of this lines up, step by step?
Can we just take a moment to look at that smoke from the bomb? On my first glance, I likened the colors to what we'd see on a weather map, red being the most in danger and the other shades just building up into it! Let's take a look at all the watches too. So many clocks but never enough time...

These pieces are so very cool to get to see. If you'd like to see more of Cuestionador's artwork and collages, his gallery is right here!

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